Hurricane Harvey Damaged Vehicles Sale!

Dear Community,
If you are planning to purchase a used vehicle in the next few months be very careful not to buy a salvaged vehicle from Hurricane Harvey.  Over half a million vehicles were damaged during the flooding and in the next few months, many will find their way into used car markets across the U.S.
Unfortunately, the storm damaged vehicles are a bad buy as their electronic systems and safety equipment have been damaged.  These vehicles are often sold wholesale as salvage vehicle and then resold as used/salvaged cars, most states allow the practice.  The people who buy the salvage cars, flip the vehicle by fixing a few things, often just clean the car up and get them to operational condition.  The car-flippers then sell the repaired vehicle at deceivingly low prices.  Many are tempted to buy these vehicles since they are very attractively priced, however, the storm damaged vehicles are no longer under warranty (salvage vehicle are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty) and should never find themselves back into used-car markets as they are not safe to drive and will cost the new owner thousands to fix.

Please be aware.

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